Still More Poseidon

I'm sure disaster fans were wondering what happened to that other Poseidon film which failed to earn a DVD release in the wake of the 2006 remake, but their prayers for mediocrity and melodrama par excellence have been answered - though not completely.

With less money and Michael Caine returning as Irwin Allen's main hero, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is back in circulation from Warner Bros. in a pretty anamorphic transfer, with a vintage promo featurette and trailer - but none of the deleted scenes that appeared in the longer TV broadcast version. Sure, Beyond is not the finest film within Allen's oeuvre, but it deserves a definitive release, much in the way Fox' Towering Inferno SE came with its TV scenes.

Also reviewed is Rock Fresh, Danny Lee's snappy documentary on California graffiti artists who have progressed beyond tagging, and are now adults with real-life career hurdles, families, and a need for stable income. Find out if reality bites.

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