Forbidden Goodies

Forbidden Planet actually enjoyed a decent release history on the home video front, making it to VHS, DVD, laserdisc and CED before Warner Bros. eventually assembled a proper special edition for the film's 50th anniversary.

Packed with above-average extras (including an outstanding doc on sci-fi in fifties cinema), the 2-disc set also comes with Robby the Robot's appearances in The Invisible Boy and a Thin Man TV episode, both of which we've reviewed in addition to Forbidden Planet, and all the extras.

As a tie-in to the DVD release, we've also added a review of Louis & Bebe Barron's original soundtrack album, plus loads of links to related Forbidden Planet materials (including a life-size Robby you too can own for the price of a Honda).

Also new is a review of SAE's new disc of Alfred Newman's score for The Razor's Edge, from 1946. In spite of the age, audio whiz Ray Faiola was able to use the various mike angles Twentieth Century-Fox used to record the score, and mix a true-stereo album in 2006. Produced with the label's usual top quality, SAE's booklet is equally notable for lots of historical details, cue examinations, and lots of archival stills.

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