Visions of Hell

The first horror review couplet is up, with a breakdown of the new 20th Anniversary Edition of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, the influential 1987 film that still stands on its own as one grisly, weird vision, and father of an increasing bad series of sequels (of which the first two are the most interesting, and the third is just nuts, placing Pinhead in space).

The latest film from Dark Castle also debuts Oct. 15th on DVD after a long wait since its theatrical run (boy, did they blow a lot on advertising), and surprise: it doesn’t stink. Not really a horror film and more straightforward theological thriller, The Reaping has its weaknesses, but if taken as a glossy B-movie, it should please fans of religious thrillers, although its decisive lack of sleaze means most horrific turns are far too earnest. Augmented by a great score from John Frizzell (whom we interviewed regarding his music).

Following the latter’s film's gross imagery of giant swarming locusts (Jesus, they’re huge), the next titles on the roster involve bugs and a killer pooch.


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