Herman Stein’s The Intruder

Composer Herman Stein, looking suave and very coolJust uploaded is the first of our three-segment interview with Monstrous Movie Music producer David Schecter, who in Part 1 discusses Herman’s Stein’s score for The Intruder (1962), newly released on CD. Coming next: Ralph Carmichael’s The Blob on CD, and the vagaries of releasing long-neglected cues from production music library houses.

Soundtracks reviewed since our last post include:

- Jorge Arriagada’s Klimt (MovieScore Media)

- Basil Poledouris’ final score, The Legend of Butch and Sundance (MovieScore Media)

- Colin Town’s Doc Martin (Seasons 1 & 2, from Provocateur Records)

- Elmer Bernstein’s Drango (Sepia Records)

- Malcolm Arnold’s Trapeze + Victor Young’s The Greatest Show on Earth (both on a double-bill CD from Sepia)

We’ve also added film reviews of Cecil B. DeMille's goofy Greatest Show on Earth (the 1952 Technicolor extravaganza screaming for a Special Edition DVD) and Carol Reed’s Trapeze (1956), which is widely available on DVD throughout Europe but has yet to appear on a Region 1 DVD. Come on, MGM, wake up…

Next up: cruel torment seen and unseen on film.

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