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Hiccup!Although Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) headlines The Booze Cruise (non-alcoholic U.S. title: Cheers and Tears), the first of three popular ITV TV movies initially about four bickering neighbours who travel to France for le cheap booze, he shares equal room with costars Neil Pearson, Mark Benton, and Brian Murphy, who in turn dominate the last two installments before the series was exhausted in 2006.

The first is the most enjoyable and least affected by obvious scene padding, but those hooked on the first will undoubtedly want to follow the cast as they become involved in a treasure hunt in the second teleplay, and a trip to scatter ashes in the third and final misadventure.

People are rude, an old man unintentionally smokes pot, and the French are insulted. Toss in a pregnancy, cross-dressing, and the word “tit” sunburned on the head of a war veteran, and you have a sometimes insane mix of comedic elements that once in a while click for a good, hard laugh.

All three volumes are available in a three-pack (the best choice), and were released in the U.S. and the U.K. We’ve dug up the Region 2 ITV set, and reviewed all three puffy teleplays in our ongoing effort to catalogue All Things Clunes.

Coming next: Jazz DVDs, Jazz soundtracks, AND an interview with Lalo Schifrin!

And imminent: Bad TV Pilots that deserved to die a slow and painful death (but sadly didn't).


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