Lalo Schifrin in Film 1: Action and Art

There's no Region 1 DVD of Don Siegel's Telefon (1977), but hey, there's TCM, who recently ran an ugly but widescreen transfer of this decent Cold War thriller scored by Lalo Schifrin, one of several for director Siegel.

Alongside The Fourth Protocol (Where is the DVD? Where is the CD? EH?). Telefon is a simple but effective score that doesn't deliver any main theme until the end credits. The score is still unavailable on CD (Ahem: FSM?) but I've uploaded a film review of this neglected film.

Also uploaded in a review of Carlos Saura's Tango (1998), an art house film that's pretty arresting for the visuals - the movie was lensed by Vittorio Storaro - and outstanding music score (original pieces and adapted songs by Schifrin).

The CD was released in Germany, but aspects of the score are addressed in the review of Columbia-TriStar's decent DVD, which sports good extras, but needs a new film transfer.

Coming next: two French films about wonky relationships with distinctive French endings that lack any sense of closure for Anglo audiences used to cookie-cutter studio fodder.



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