Sounds that Chill

Just uploaded to coincide with Lionsgate's My Bloody Valentine 3-D is an interview with the composer, Michael Wandmacher.

Sure, Rue Morgue did a fabulous job covering the 1981 original (a review of which will be up shortly) and 3-D remake, but what about the mnd that composed the creepy 3-D sounds?

Wandmacher is probably known for Cry_Wolf (2005), one of the composer's few soundtracks on CD, and his latest pair are finally out as well.

The Punisher: War Zone (2008), another score Wandmacher discusses in our interview, is available on disc and as a downloadable album, whereas Bloody Valentine is just out as a downloadable MP3 album from iTunes. (MovieScore Media also released The Killing Floor as MP3 and CD albums, too.)

I'll eventually have the Bloody Valentine soundtrack covered, but for now, check out the intervew and related soundtrack reviews as the shortest month of the year begins, and most of the populace at large is wondering where the heck January went.

(The good news: we're not that far away from spring... just a few more ice storms, chilly nights, and evil white stuff dumped from the clouds, and then we'll be basking in the sun. Uh, yeah.)



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