Two Degrees of Richard Hatch

La-La Land Records’ release of Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Razor marks the last major album tied to the series’ music, and I’ve uploaded a review of the disc, which also comes with a live version of the vocal track “Apocalypse.” Given that piece was nicely recorded in stereo, one can imagine a live album might be the final nod to the series built on the 1978 big-budget and really goofy TV series.

The original show began with a feature-length pilot that was re-edited into a theatrical film which I actually saw in a theatre (probably at the Uptown or something) as well as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (with nudie-cutie title sequence) before I was shipped at the age of 10 to Germany for six weeks to be primarily with septuagenarians and eat dry chicken on Sundays.

(I was cheated into the deed by my mother when I was 8, never thinking she’d actually buy the stupid ticket as soon as I turned 10.)

The original Galactica series starred Richard Hatch, a limited actor with an okay screen presence who just popped up in InAlienable, a low (low) budget sci-fi tale of parasitic infiltration and pregnancy written by Star Trek’s Walter Koenig. Sadly, the film doesn’t feature something like a jiggly-wiggly Judy Geeson mating in her birthday suit, or giving birth in real time to a cheap alien puppet, but I’ve dissected the flaws of the film (available via Anchor Bay on DVD) that has some intriguing arguments about humanity and tentacled babies named Benjamin who smell like strawberries.

More blather to follow.



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