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Before Chris Pine became Captain James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek reboot, the actor appeared in the small suspense drama Confession (MTI Home Video). This 2005 film marked the feature film debut of Jonathan Meyers, and featured a fine score by Ryan Shore.

Shore’s approach is more low key than expected; in place of heavy liturgical doom and gloom or adding to Meyers’ sometimes overly grave approach, Shore largely addresses subtext, inner conflicts, and fills in some of the rough dramatic spots that begin to hamper the film’s denouement. Both the film and the soundtrack CD (via La-La Land Records) are worth checking out, as Shore’s music is impressive again, and the film makes it obvious why Pine managed to snag the attention of Star Trek’s producers.

La-La Land also offers up a pair of Alan Silvestri scores from the nineties when the composer was balancing his output between hard action films like Eraser (1996) and light comedies such as Dutch (1991). Both discs are limited releases.

Also reviewed is Perseverance’s limited promo CD of Craig Safan’s Fade to Black (1980), featuring the entire score; and from Silva Screen is a digital release of the 1995 compilation album Classic Greek Film Music.

Newly announced releases this week include:

Beat Records (Italy):

Emanuelle Around the World (Nico Fidenco)

DigitMovies (Italy):

Il giudice e il suo boia / End of the Game (Ennio Morricone)

GDM (Italy):

La bellissima estate / Summer to Remember (Alberto Pomeranz)

Una pistola per Ringo / A Pistol for Ringo + Il Ritorno di Ringo / The Return of Ringo (Ennio Morricone)

Zorro la maschera dekka vendetta / Zorro the Invincible (Gianni Marchetti)

Kritzerland Records (USA):

Earth vs. the Spider (Albert Glasser)

Legend of the Lost (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)

MovieScore Media (Sweden):

Centurion (Ilan Eshkeri)

Flicka 2 (Mark Thomas)

Quartet Records (Spain):

El aullido del diablo / Howling of the Devil (Ferndando Garcia Morcillo)

Hills Run Red, The (Ennio Morricone)

Historia de una chica sola (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)

Saimel (Spain):

Cuori solitari + Il corsaro (Luis Bacalov)

Eloise (Carles Cases)

La herencia Valdemar (Arnau Bataller)

Sony (EU):

Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010) (Steve Jablonsky) --- also available via Water Tower Music as a digital download in North America)

Varese Sarabande (USA):

Robin Hood (Mark Streitenfeld)

Lost: Season 5 (Michael Giacchino)

Mother and Child (Edward Shearmur)

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang

Unknown (Italy):

La via e’una cosa meravigliosa / Life is a Wonderful Thing (Armando Trovaioli)

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Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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