Library Music, Part 3

August 3rd I ran a lengthy interview with director Jeff Carney and producer Jim Cirronella regarding the making of their Night of the Living Dead [NOTLD] documentary, Autopsy of the Dead, and in addition to the doc, Cirronella and I also discussed the related CD, subtitled ‘They Won’t Stay Dead,’ which features the complete stock music cues used in NOTLD.

During the course of producing the album, Cirronella learned details about the Capitol Hi-Q library from which director George Romero drew his cues. As is often the case with long-gone stock music libraries of yesteryear, little is known or has been written down in great detail, which made the quest to identify and legally release the NOTLD cues so challenging.

In Part 1 of this series, we covered the 3-disc release of The Prisoner: The Complete Chappelle Recorded Music Library Cues, and in Part 2 the magnifying glass was aimed at the Valentino library. This time the library stems from the United States, and as Cirronella explains, the cues are very much a part of American culture, given material was featured in TV shows, cartoons, B-films, and cult movies.

At the end of Part 3, I’ve pasted links to archived discussions on a few message boards so readers will get an idea of the fan base that’s out there – articulate and passionate admirers of music that’s more than esoteric nostalgia.

I’m still waiting for the release of those Rocket Robin Hood and The Amazing Spider-Man cues… I can’t be the only one….

Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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