Soundtrack Reviews

Just uploaded is another quartet of soundtrack reviews:

- Albert Glasser’s The Boy and the Pirates and Attack of the Puppet People suite (Kritzerland)

- Danny Elfman’s 1989 classic, Batman, newly expanded in a 2-disc edition (La-La Land Records)

- Jeff Toyne’s supernatural thriller Within (MovieScore Media)

- and Jacob Groth’s score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Milan)

Film music fans should also take note of Azureus Rising (2009), Edwin Wendler’s score for a short animated film. The music’s available as a free soundtrack EP download from the composer’s website. Wendler’s worked on diverse projects, and while some of the budgets may have been tight, his writing his quite solid. Further info on Wendler’s Azureus score is archived at the filmmakers’ website.

Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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