Soundtrack Reviews

Just uploaded are soundtrack reviews for a pair of video games.
Those familiar with Daniel Pemberton's prior work - LittleBIGMusic (2008), and particularly Monster Movies (2005-2008) - will know what to expect from a composer who crafts themes and arrangements using ideas from disparate idioms and periods.

His latest work, Kinect Adventures! [M] (1812 Recordings) features a half-hour of wild theme variations, but what I'm waiting for is a producer to hire Pemberton to score a wry British caper film about a team of multi-generational thieves with extreme music tastes. His sense of rhythm, fusion of crazy sounds, and knack for addictive melodic hooks make him ideal for such a project. Anyone?

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood [M] (Ubisoft Music) features a diversity of moods and marvelous balance of electronic, orchestral, folk, and liturgical elements.

Composer Jesper Kyd already has a solid background scoring video games, and his latest is an impressive work with meaty tracks - some melancholy, others pure action, but never predictable and cliched.

Mark R. Hasan, Editor


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