More Batman and Mortal Kombat on Blu

New on Blu-ray via Warner Home Video is a pair of unlikely comic-toned productions:  another effort to bring Batman from the page to the HD screen, and an earnest effort to get the ball rolling on a re-imagined Mortal Kombat (cue the screaming man now!) franchise.

Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One [M] (2011) essentially covers the early years where Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham and decides to fight crime, encounters newly minted Catwoman, and “honest cop” Lt. James Gordon, who loses some of his own blood as he attempts to route out corruption in the police force. Included on the BR are many extras that delve into the Batman mythos, teaser featurettes for upcoming DC animated productions, and a bonus Catwoman short that includes pole-licking. Oh, I'm not joking.

The story of how Mortal Kombat returned in web form is an odd one: Kevin Tancharoen made a short film to entice Warner Bros. into funding a feature film, but the possibility of restarting the franchise was re-directed into a series of glossy episodes available on YouTube throughout 2011.

All 9 episodes plus featurettes are included on the BR, but the real star is the Red camera, which captures many fine details and rich colours. I want a Red camera for Christmas. It would make my current project look oodles better.

Based on the positive reception by fans, Tancharoen seems to be getting his wish, and is working on a new feature film. Hopefully he’ll keep the same core stars and film the choreography in the same classic style as Legacy.  In one of the BR's featurettes, he attributes his respect for choreography from directing dance films, like Fame and… Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.

Had he not made Mortal Kombat: Legacy [M], Tancheroen may well have been doomed to an eternal ‘glee’ hell, surrounded by insipid smiley faced moppets singing the show’s entire songbook over and over again, but his soul is safe again… unless he makes another Glee film....

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