Ralph Carmichael's The Blob (and other upcoming creepy sounds)

It’s only when I had watched the original 1958 production of The Blob a few more times that I started to notice, ‘Hey, whoever wrote the orchestral score was pretty damn good,’ and subsequently discovered Ralph Carmichael’s filmography was surprisingly short: besides The Blob, Carmichael scored a neat little sci-fi thriller, 4D Man (1959), and then kind of disappeared.

Sort of.

In the second of our interview with Monstrous Movie Music’s David Schecter, we discuss Carmichael’s score, and some of the key factors that motivated the composer to pioneer a new kind of contemporary music.

As a bonus, we’ve added DVD reviews of Criterion’s SE of The Blob, plus 4D Man from Image (BADLY in need of a special edition, a new transfer, and while I'm at it, someone to commercially release Carmichael’s wicked jazz score), and because it exists (which isn’t a good thing), Image's Beware! The Blob / Son of the Blob (1972), the comedic but painfully unfunny sequel to The Blob, directed by, uhm, Larry Hagman.


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