Tangerine Dream on DVD, plus more soundtracks

A rare concert performance makes its debut on DVD from Respect Records / MVD Visual. Directed by Tony Palmer, Tangerine Dream: Live at Coventry Cathedral is a montage of footage from the 1975 concert where the trio – Edgar Froese, Christopher Frank, and Peter Baumann – performed material from their Richochet album. With the exception of Palmer’s own website, this title is barely acknowledged online, and doesn’t even appear in the director’s IMDB filmography.

Also newly reviewed are a trio of soundtracks:

- Justice League: The New Frontier (2008) from La-La Land Records, featuring the bulk of Kevin Manthei’s fun score to the new feature-length film that has Earth (us) threatened by a slimy ship sprouting all manor of dino-like lizards.

- Polizia accusa: il servizio segreto uccide, La / Silent Action (1975), Luciano Michelini’s groovy police thriller score, rescued from oblivion by Italy’s DigitMovies, with multo bonus tracks.

- And Preparati la bara! / Django, Prepare a Coffin (1968), Gianfranco and Gian Piero Reverberi’s score to the second legit Django film, also from DigitMovies.

Coming next: Samuel Bronston’s Fall of the Roman Empire.

And imminent: The Booze Cruise (aka Cheers and Tears) trilogy.


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