Colin Towns, and More Soundtracks

Are you there, Eve? It's me, WALL-E!I’ve bumped the DVD review of Doc Martin Season 1 + 2 for a bit, but have uploaded an interview with Colin Towns, who wrote the show’s wonderful theme and soundtracks. To read the interview, click HERE, and to read the soundtrack review, click HERE.

Additionally, here’s Part A of several new reviews:

- from Disney, Thomas Newman’s WALL-E (I want that robot, or at least a mechanical toy 99.9 % as accurate) and Harry Gregson-Williams’ epic Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

- and from Italy’s DigitMovies, Ennio Morricone’s Escalation (1968), and the Gloria Guida diptych: Vittorio Pezzola’s La Liceale (1975) / aka The Teasers, and Gianni Ferrio’s La Liceale nella classe dei ripetenti (1978). We previously reviewed the label’s prior Guida CD, La Ragazzina (1974), which is equally silky and tarty.

Upcoming CD reviews in Part B will include Colin Towns’ Guest House Paradiso, Santa Maria Romitelli’s Hatchet for a Honeymoon / Il rosso segno della follia from DigitMovies, and Ryan Shore’s jazzy compilation of themes from Numb / Kettle of Fish / Coney Island Baby from MovieScore Media.

Next DVD reviews: Dario Argento’s Tenebre and Phenomena, plus westerns with grand aspirations: Fox’ The Big Trail in Grandeur (1930 widescreen!), MGM’s melodramatic racist mush Cimarron (1931), and Westlake Entertainment’s The Painted Desert (1931), a very low budget oater notable for Clark Gable’s sound film debut.

And imminent: MVD Visual’s Gil Scott-Heron concert DVD, plus a rare documentary.


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