The Return of Goblin (circa 2005)

In conjunction with the recently reviewed Dario Argento DVDs, we’ve uploaded a pair of albums that may have fallen below the radar of soundtrack collectors.

Back to the Goblin 2005 is a non-film work that had core members Fabio Pignatelli, Massimo Morante, Maurizio Guarini, and Agostino Marangolo collaborate on original compositions.

Currently available only from the official Goblin website, the CD has an eclectic mix of tracks that reflect the various styles and technological innovations that were essayed by the musicians since the band released their first album, Cherry Five, in 1975.

Dawn of the Goblin (2005) is a wholly different animal: cover versions of three major themes from George Romero’s bloody Dawn of the Dead/Zombi (1978). The orchestrations and performances by Dark Water Transit are superb, and the cues are far longer than the original album versions, with some effective techno tweaks that work really, really well.

Coming next: Doc Martin (Seasons 1 and 2) PLUS an interview with the show’s composer, Colin Towns!

And imminent: More soundtrack reviews, plus Criterion’s latest must-have release – The Thief of Bagdad (1940) – plus some rare Michael Powell goodies.


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