Diving Hotties in ‘scope

Jane Russell as you DON'T see her in the film!Sometimes TCM is a reviewer’s best friend. Just around the time Intrada announced its expanded CD of Boy on a Dolphin, TCM slated the airing of a decent widescreen print of the film – in true (and very vivid) stereo surround.

The film needs a clean anamorphic DVD release, but TCM’s print more than made up for the roughly 25 year wait to finally see the film without commercials, and not as a grainy panned & scanned 16mm TV print. (Blacchy!)

To place Hugo Friedhofer’s sublime score in context, we’ve uploaded a film review of Boy on a Dolphin, as well as a previous diving babe extravaganza – Howard Hughes’ deliciously idiotic Underwater! which starred Gilbert Roland, Richard Egan, and Jane Russell in another uplifting outfit, courtesy of Mr. Hughes.

Underwater! is not a good film, but it has more than dual merits deserving closer scrutiny, so check out our review of the Spanish DVD (easily available online for under 10 Euros from Spanish retailers), which features both English and Spanish dub tracks. It’s an old panned & scanned print, but it’ll suffice until Warner Bros. bothers to release a DVD, or TCM airs the film (which it reportedly did, back in 2007).

Coming next: reviews of the smart sex comedy Young People Fucking (2008) from Maple, and The Search for John Gissing (2001) from Anchor Bay/Starz.

And imminent: recent soundtracks from MovieScore Media and DigitMovies.


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