Season of The Mask

You are feeling v-e-r-y sleeeeepy...Like the Friday the 13th series, to own the complete Halloween franchise under one roof (and in one great big box) isn’t possible because some parts and franchise streams branched off through other studios imprints.

Friday the 13th is easier: Parts 1-8 belong to Paramount; Parts 9-11 are New Line.


With Halloween, Parts 1, 4 and 5 are Falcon International / Anchor/Bay Starz, Parts 2 and 3 are Universal, and Parts 6-8 (Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Halloween Resurrection) are Disney, via the Miramax and Dimension imprints. Rob Zombie’s ‘re-imagining-prequel-whatever’ was a joint venture between the Weinsteins, and the owners of 1,4,and 5.

All clear?

In light of Anchor Bay having the rights to the bulk of the franchise wrought by director/co-writer John Carpenter and producer/co-writer Debra Hill and executive producer Moustapha Akkad, the label has released a 30th Anniversary Commemorative Set that features the theatrical cut (on standard DVD and a bonus Blu-Ray disc), the expanded TV version, Parts 4 and 5, and the documentary Halloween: 25 Years of Terror).

The box also beholds a Michael Myers mask. If you place the box and its protective sheath on your TV, The Shape is either an amusing icon of pop culture, or a ghostly visage that will, when you fall asleep one night (probably during Rob Zombie’s thingy), GET YOU.

Before that happens, though, we’re going through the series. Already in the archives are reviews for the theatrical cut of the first film in its two chief incarnations:

- the 25th Anniversary Edition, the 2003 2-disc set which contains oodles and oodles of extras

- the 2007 single disc edition

We'll have a new review of the TV version shortly, plus Halloween 2 and 3, since 2 follows 1’s twist finale, and 3 is the dead-end attempt to spawn Halloween-themed tales under the franchise banner.

Coming next: soundtracks reviews, Cult Epics’ new 2-disc edition of Slogan, another rare work featuring Serge Gainsbourg-Jane Birkin, and more installments in the Halloween series.


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