Dah-lee iz not Cray-zee!

Prior to directing Melody (1971) for Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Christophe Averty collaborated on a suitably surreal (if not a bit silly) portrait of Salvador Dali. Titled Salvador Dali: A Soft Self-Portrait, the hour-long film comes with cheeky narration from Orson Welles, and plenty of onscreen hamming. Released on VHS (and apparently laserdisc), this oddball film is screaming for a DVD release, and you can read our VHS review of the film HERE.

To compliment the film (and following up on a prior Dali doc, The Dali Dimension: Decoding the Mind of a Genius, from 2004), we’ve added a review of Adam Low’s 1986 BBC doc, Dali (aka The Definitive Dali).



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