Spooky music from MovieScore Media

Sweden’s MovieScore Media scored a bit of a coup in acquiring the rights to release two very excellent scores which should appeal to suspense and sci-fi fans.

As Erik Van Looy’s (Memory of a Killer / De Zaak Alzheimer) latest film makes the rounds in Belgium, Wolfram de Marco’s great little suspense score makes its debut as a digital MP3 and limited CD album, which I reviewed HERE.

Also of note is the music for Invasion, another cult TV series from executive producer Sean Cassidy (American Gothic, Roar, The Agency) that was neglected and dumped by ABC after a rocky 2005-2006 run. Jason Derlatka and Jon Erlich’s music is quite frankly a stunner, and fans of the defunct series will be thrilled at how well cues have been seamlessly edited into a tight narrative.

Eventually I’ll get to reviewing the TV series (the DVD’s been sitting on the shelf for almost a year, but keeps getting pushed back due to heavier commitments), but this album, much like Perseverance’s Dark Skies (1996) is another memorial to a show that was killed before it had a chance to evolve. Like Loft, Invasion is also available from MovieScore Media as a downloadable and limited CD album, and the review is HERE.



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