Real and Surreal Horrors

A bit short in time to babble right now, so we’ll just cut to the chase and cite the latest quartet of uploaded DVD reviews.

First is a pair of docs dealing with unforgettable tragedies:

- Diana: Witnesses in the Tunnel (Anchor Bay/Starz) is a straightforward, British-made investigative report, and not the usual crash-in production, and covers the paparazzi who were snapped up by French police when they learned the shutterbugs were taking pictures of the wreck while Diana was dying inside. The 47 min. doc may not imbue one with sympathy for the photographers, but it offers a different focus on Diana's death, and contrary to suspicions, the filmmakers do not feature any pictures of the princess inside the car.

- Diameter of the Bomb (Westlake Entertainment) is a play-by-play account of a suicide bomber who killed 20 people and injured 50 more riding on a Jerusalem bus in 2002. The filmmakers’ angle is on the victims rather than politics, and it’s a gripping yet mournful portrait of ordinary people mangled by a horrible act.

Secondly, the next Masters of Horror couplet from Anchor Bay’s pop-open cranium set for Season 2:

- John Carpenter’s Pro Life, wherein the veteran director (still smoking, still devolving into a KNB effects figure, as evidenced in the DVD's making-of featurette) tackles a siege-monster movie hybrid set in the happy environs of an abortion clinic.

- Dario Argento’s drippy Pelts, based on F. Paul Wilson’s deranged short story about cursed/haunted raccoon pelts that cause greedy trappers and fur handlers to traumatize themselves using handy home implements, or a bit of exotic machinery. Gory, disgusting, and very wet, and Meatloaf's performance is totally excellent.


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