Supernatural Terrors

Nearing the end of Anchor Bay's Masters of Horror Skull, we have reviews of Ernest R. Dickerson's The V Word (V = vampires), and Rob Schmidt's Right to Die, both successful in different ways as horror tales.

The V Word, written by series creator Mick Garris, loses a bit of steam neat the end, whereas Right to Die features a tight revenge story, and yet another moment of indulgent, gooey skin peeling (which seems to be the theme of the year, due to the nasty final reel of the extreme French thriller Martyrs).

Also reviewed is Roger Christian's The Sender (1982), part of the Paramount package released on DVD by Legend Films (and current part of the company's Best Buy exclusive agreement). Perhaps the most intriguing thespian among the solid cast is Zeljko Ivanek (with hair!), currently known for his role (and recent Emmy Award) in TV's Damages.

Next: soundtrack reviews.

And imminent: Dream Cruise, Norio Tsuruta's feature-length Masters of Horror episode, and Nagai yume / Long Dream, by Higuchinsky (Uzumaki).


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