When Nature Kills

Sometimes humans make excellent chum for Nature, and where else to see the results in two new releases:

- The Deadly Bees (1967), the Amicus thriller directed by Freddie Francis, co-written by Robert Bloch, and co-starring Frank Finlay as a dirty old poop jealously guarding his rare bees. Legend’s DVD, like Phase IV, is currently a Best Buy exclusive, but we’ve got a review (soon to be followed by Legend’s other genre releases: The Skull, The Man Who Could Cheat Death, The Sender, and Zero Population Growth).

- Rogue (2007), Greg Mclean’s excellent giant croc flick that beautifully mixes CGI with rubber puppetry and real stuntmen flung about like rag dolls. Dimension Extreme’s DVD is loaded with oodles of goodies, including a long piece on Francois Tetaz’ punchy score (which screams for a CD release).

Next: CD reviews for Rachel Portman’s The Duchess (2008) from Lakeshore, Matt Dunkley’s D'Artagnan et les trois mousquetaires (2005) from MovieScore Media, goodies from DigitMovies, and more!

And soon: reviews of Intrada’s new expanded, true stereo CD of Hugo Friedhofer’s Boy on a Dolphin score (plus a film review, too), FSM’s beautiful mother-bleeping Shaft Anthology, and their monstrous 11-disc MGM Soundtrack Treasury, which we’ll breakdown in sets of 2 discs at a time. These sets broke the site’s soundtrack budget for two months, but they’re worth it!


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