Look / Izzie gonna die?

Just uploaded is a review of Adam Rifkin's Look (2007), a clever drama that follows a handful of characters using surveillance camera footage before everything kind of converges in an elaborate finale.

Rifkin's best-known films include The Chase and Detroit Rock City (as well as the script for Mouse Hunt), but with Look he daringly attempts to tell multiple stories using fixed camera placements and footage mimicking multiple grades of video stock (such as clean digital footage, fuzzy black & white, and grubby 3/4"). Anchor Bay's DVD includes a wealth of deleted scenes and a great commentary track, and is reviewed HERE.

As for Thursday's Grey's Anatomy season finale, it's clear the cliffhanger leaves the door open for characters Izzie and O'Malley to survive, assuming the actors still want to return to a series where their roles are virtually meaningless.


In the last five minutes, Izzie went limp in her hubby's arms, and a facially wrecked O'Malley remained in a downward spiral on the operating table before the end credit slammed this season shut.

Izzie could come back, but then her arc would involve cancer recovery, which robs her of the chance to return quickly as a surgeon, and wouldn't give actress Katherine Heigl much to do beyond being mad/frustrated/enmeshed in marital bickering with her pushy husband Alex Karev when not acting out her character's physical and mental recovery.

O'Malley has a slim chance at returning in a wholly new life, though as a colleague theorized, the character could be recast with a new actor whose face becomes the New O'Malley after major facial reconstruction. During his recuperation, he could befriend the girl whose life he saved, but then his character would mimic the storyline wherein Karev fixed the face of an amnesiac woman with whom he eventually fell in love. Bad idea all around.

Nope. Izzie and George gotta die. They could not be saved by the gang. End of story.

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