Nipping, Tucking, and Tweaking

One of the things websites ultimately undergo after a few years of operation is a facelift, or a complete layout overhaul.

When one designs a site, it’s a big undertaking, and during the process there are a few ideas that, when originally conceived, were later omitted or rendered inert because they're found to be impractical or irrelevant. That’s part of a site’s growing process, as well as an editor’s: you figure out what’s working, and reconfigure things to augment the visitor/reader experience. It's just the time factor and how much coffee is at hand that quicken the process. isn’t going to be massively overhauled – the way things are laid out mandates a great deal of tedium and data entry that’s not possible at present – but there are a few things that should’ve been included in the main page design from day one, but for various reasons, they weren’t.

I always wanted to include news headers as well as news of book, DVD, and soundtrack releases, and while there are plenty of sites with niche or hyper-selective foci, the plan was to have them all under one roof.

So, starting next week there will be some changes to the main page ( and soon after the main index page ( The main page will have integrated text scrolls for this blog as well as news items gleaned from web and press releases, and there will also be a list tallying what’s new as of each Tuesday, since that’s the day when DVDs as well as books hit the street.

That info will also be available via the main index page in a graphic-free format so it loads fast and easy on small gizmos, permitting site news & collated release info to be accessed very quickly. The RSS feed will integrate some of that soon after.

Coming next: Ewa Aulin in Tinto Brass' Deadly Sweet / Col cuore in gola (1967) from Cult Epics, and Candy (1968) from Anchor Bay.



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