Frosted Nixon

Although the original David frost and Richard Nixon Watergate interview came out on disc a while ago, Universal waited for the Oscars to pass, hoping Ron Howard's film version of Peter Morgan's play would win some Oscar gold.

Even without a bald statue, Frost/Nixon carries Oscar prestige, and people can judge for themselves whether Frank Langella's portrayal of Nixon is more caricature, or a low-key evocation of an enigma. To get a quick report on the film's pros and cons, click HERE for the film review.


Travel Factoids:

- German food is heavy, and big bowl of fresh leafy greens is more of a Mediterranean dish yet to make a major dent in the high protein offerings. Helpful tips: eat a big grain/fruit breakfast, or go for Chinese once in a while.

- Besides the best cakes, coffee so good you don't need milk or sugar, lamb sausages, and the best chocolate, the Germans also have a hangover remedy that comes in pill form.

Bullrich's is a mix of calcium, magnesium and other iums that collectively form a preemptive strike before signs of a hangover can form. Three pills actually worked against the effects of Campari, beer, and dual double doses of white and yellow dill schnapps (spread out over the night with fish and bread).

Note: Bullrich *does not* solve double-vision issues, nor stop the little homunculus in your head from drunkenly running back and forth, tripping over veins and knocking into your eyeballs now and then.

- If you can find it or have to travel to Austria to get it, look for Marillenschapps, a clear, 38% 'light' schnapps made from apricots. Clean, sweet, fruity, soothing, and tragically not available for export.



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