Live from Germany

Well, 'live' is a bit generous, but until April 21st, all site blogs and updates will happen in clusters, since web access isn't a wholly daily thing.

Just uploaded is a belated interview wih Oliver Groom, producer and owner of Project X, the indie label with the most comprehensive catalogue of Peter Watkins films on DVD.

Interviewed in conjuction with the release of Watkins' Privilege (1967), our conversation also delves into film restoration, home video distribution, and the challenge in assembling the best possible DVD edition of a Watkins film, as well as making 35mm print available for commercial and pedagogical screenings.

Coming shortly is a review of Watkins' The Seventies People/70'ernes folk (1974), one of his few remaining films still unavailable on DVD, plus a review of Ron Howard's engaging but hardly Oscar-worthy dramatization of the famous talks between British talk show host David Frost and disgraced President Richard Nixon, Frost/Nixon (2008), set for an April 21st DVD release.


Travelling Factoids:

- it isn't necessary to arrive 3 hours prior to departure at the airport, but the tactic does force one to relax, since it's too late to retrieve what you forgot during that mad dash to the cab (or gracious free lift). Being early also forces one to decompress before boarding the plane and worrying about being seated beside some obnoxious boob.

- infants on planes will scream a lot, but if you're three rows away, it's tolerable. Sleep deprivation also reduces the natural trigger factor to go nuts.

Coming soon: Asus factoids, and why the eee PC 1000-HE truly rocks.



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