Soundtrack Reviews

Die boobies sind okay!Just uploaded are three soundtrack reviews worth checking out:

- Debbie Wiseman's grandly written score for the horror comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009) avoids broad humour in favour of a more refined and sometimes cheeky approach, plus a huge orchestra and gorgeous symphonic sound. Released by Silva Screen, with the label's patented crisp digital sound.

- Christian Henson's The Secret of Moonacre (2008) is one of the most refreshing fantasy scores in years, and one of the best I've heard so far in 2009. Whether you prefer MP3 of CD, buy the MovieScore Media album if you like sophisticated whimsy with a brooding, edgy undercurrent.

- The return of seventies jazz fusion with a load of punchy brass returns with class in Gast Waltzing's music for JCVD (2008). The movie comes out later this month on DVD in Region 1 land, and I hope it's as fun as the soundtrack CD by this much-respected composer/jazz man from Luxembourg. Also available from MovieScore Media.



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