Heroes on the Small and Big Screen

I've been watching Heroes since it debuted, and am admittedly part of the fan base that's been disappointed by the sometimes desperate plot turns the show's writers have taken, either to out-guess fans (always a big mistake) or satisfy networks wanting a repeat of a successful formula (hence the return of characters in Season 2 who should've died at the end of Season 1).

That said, the music has always been first-rate, and it's probably via Heroes that people have discovered the talents of composing team Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin. The pair have been collaborators for a long time, going back to their years as members of Prince and the Revolution.

You can spot the musicians/composers in Prince concert films Sign 'O the Times as well Purple Rain and numerous music videos, and it must be kind of neat to be able to see one's own evolution through the nascent years of the music video, with big hair, pastel colours, and triangular clothes. Er, maybe not.

In any event, one of the reasons I was hooked on Heroes was the music - not because it stood out from the actors, but because it was a key element that had me at the edge of my seat, and shouting at the TV when an episode ended on another brutal cliffhanger.

I've uploaded an interview with series co-composer Lisa Coleman, plus a CD review of the new Season 1 soundtrack album from La-La Land Records. Also reviewed is Silva Screen's new compilation album, The Music of Batman, featuring themes from all of the Batman films in a fresh new recording featuring the Prague Philharmonic under the expert batons of James Fitzpatrick and Nic Raine.



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