Recuperating in Germany

The idea was to intercut some images from Germany, but as is the case with Blogger's buggy template, there's a lot of time-wasting involved when it comes to editing the html code to allow a set of images to be followed by text, and not have the images all globbed together under the header.

Maybe I'll solve the problm on the plane, and/or make a new template, but here's a few things recently uploaded to the site as the last full day in Germany winds down, and the drinking and some smoking has been tempered by rest and Bullrich. (Seriously: what is this stuff? It's the perfect hangover cure. Someone please import this to Canada.)

First up is an interview with Austin Wintory, whose latest work is the music for the disturbing film Grace (2009), distributed by Anchor Bay/Starz, and the score to the family film Captain Abu Raed, plus a concert work titled Space, Time, and Plexiglass, written in tribute to Joss Whedon's long-gone Angel TV series.

Also uploaded is a film review of Peter Watkins' The Seventies People/70'ernes folk (1974), as well as Christopher Denham's thriller Home Movie (2008), released in Canada by Anchor Bay/Starz, and starring Adrian Pasdar and Cady McClain.



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