A Double-Headey

One awesome posterLena Headey (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) has two new films out on DVD, although Laid to Rest (Anchor Bay/Starz) is more of a cameo, since the actress, who appears as a southern white trash lass, is quickly dispatched by the film's killer to the Heavens. Robert Hall's thriller is deeply flawed, but fans of flesh-tearing gore should be pleased with the carnage the effects wizard concocted for his second directorial effort.

Headey has the starring role in The Broken (TVA/Sony in Canada, Lionsgate in the U.S.), Sean Ellis' minimalist riff on Jack Finney's The Body Snatchers, a gorgeous but deeply flawed effort, too. Shot in London, it features a solid supporting cast, fine cinematography, and Guy Farley's snarling score, but like Hall, Ellis kind of forgot a film needs some weight in the story department or it all loses meaning.

A much better offering by another feature film newcomer is Toby Wilkins' Splinter (Magnolia), which borrows a bit from John Carpenter's The Thing (okay, maybe a fair bit) and delivers some piercing gore. Most of the drama takes place in a gas station, and it's a clever and kinetic low budget shocker boosted by another fine score from Elia Cmiral.



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